We’re after awesome and talented people who are dynamic, down-to-earth, and passionate about our vision to join us.  We haven't had a recruitment drive since 2013 - so if you're keen to get on board, now's your chance.

We can't wait to hear from you!


Accounts Leader

Are you a numbers whizz?

Our Accounts Leader will work with our Executive Director to ensure our finances are well managed, and to provide high quality financial reporting for our Board of Trustees. This role addresses all levels of financial management – from processing banking payments right through to providing advice about our financial position to our Executive and Governance teams!

Applications close 31 January. 


Design Leader

Do you have an eye for design?

Our Design Leader will work with our Executive Director and our Marketing Leader to develop awesome, high quality visual material to promote what we do – to ensure more young Kiwis can hear about our exciting opportunities!

Applications close 31 January. 


Fellowship Mentor

Keen to give back?

As our Fellowship Mentor, your role is to support our returning delegates as they reflect on their experiences, consider their next life steps, and complete our Fellowship requirements. You might help them refine their research projects, connect them with academic mentors or other experts, suggest volunteering opportunities that match their interests, give basic career or study advice or simply just be a listening ear.

Applications close 31 December. 


Marketing Leader

Consider yourself PR savvy?

Our Marketing Leader will work with our Executive Director and our Design Leader to grow our visibility and presence, and allow more young Kiwis to hear about our life-changing opportunities!

Applications close 31 January.