Outward Bound

AYLI Outward Bound Scholarship

AYLI is partnering with Outward Bound to offer scholarships in 2017 and 2018, for their amazing Mind Body Soul course! Mind Body Soul is especially for 16-18 year olds, so you'll get to experience Outward Bound with people who are your age.  On the course, you'll learn more about yourself as you get to push yourself physically and mentally - with sailing, tramping, rock climbing, and kayaking challenges. Of course, you'll also have opportunities to grow your leadership skills by stepping up to support your 'watch' (or team). 

Scholarship Awardees - 2018

Sophie Svenson


Sophie is a 17-year-old student currently attending Woodford House. She captains her school football team, plays futsal and coaches juniors in these sports as well. Sophie is a motivated student aspiring to exceed all expectations. Sophie embraces all cornerstones of success as she is currently completing her diploma in public speaking. She is academically able, sitting three scholarship examinations this year and known as being "business obsessed". All whilst living a happy balanced lifestyle. She would love the opportunity to go on Outward Bound to meet new like-minded people in such an amazing setting!

Niamh Franklin


Niamh is an energetic, ambitious female Year 13 student from the North Shore with an drive for academia, a love of the outdoors, and a willingness to learn and develop herself in all aspects as a member of her community. Most of all, Niamh has a love for all things self-development and community-based, and is an active member of her various school-based clubs, local youth groups, and is a volunteer outside of her studies. Alongside her community activities, Niamh has a passion for mental health in Aotearoa -- and seeks to cultivate a more balanced approach to wellbeing and treatment in the field of medicine. Next year, she will begin her pursuit: kicking off her first year of studies in Medicine. From there, she hopes to earn her MBChB qualification, and specialise in Psychiatry -- working with patients suffering a range of conditions from Schizophrenia, to Dementia, to trauma and suicidality. In venturing for this highly-challenging field, Niamh aspires to become an influential doctor in New Zealand medicine, and supervise/assist others trainee doctors succeeding her. Alongside her tertiary studies, Niamh wishes to further develop her experience as a volunteer, and maintain her regular shifts and charitable operations -- with a particular focus on caring for the vulnerable (sick, homeless, mentally impaired). With her love of volunteering as a foundation, Niamh seeks to continue to use her free-time and energy reserves to help the wider community during tertiary studies as she broaden sher local (and national!) impact. These ambitions will require Niamh to step-up in terms of her leadership skills and self-development -- all of which this ‘Mind Body Soul’ AYLI-sponsored Outward Bound will enable. Here’s to adventure, growth, and new challenges and opportunities!

Scholarship Awardees - 2017

Caitlin Meynell


Caitlin is a Year 12 student at Onslow College. She enjoys running, tramping, reading, travelling, tap dancing and exploring and she especially loves teaching others how to enjoy the environment. During Outward Bound, she is most excited about making new friends and trying new challenges.

Devin Newth


Devin is a 16 year old student currently attending Papatoetoe High School. She participates in school sports such as hockey and basketball. She is a driven student as she plays four instruments and performs often in school performances. Devin is always aiming to build on her independence and skills. She is a member of a student service group called Key Club, which raises money for charities.

Outward Bound - rock climbing