The Women Deliver 4th Global Conference

16 - 19 May 2016

Women Deliver’s 4th Global Conference in Copenhagen will see 5000 - 6000 attendees from civil society, government, the private sector and the media come together for the largest gathering on girls’ and women’s health and rights in the last decade and one of the first major global conferences following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Incredible speakers from Gro Harlem Bruntdland to Dr Margaret Chan, Helen Clark and Graça Machel will consider how the SDGs need to be implemented so they matter most for girls and women. Don't miss the chance to hear from them on topics ranging from health to gender equality, education, the environment, and economic empowerment. 

Head Delegate


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Suzy McKinney

DR SUZY MCKINNEY | @suzyemckinney

As one of the Institute's delegates to 2014's COP 20 conference in Lima, Suzy has been selected to lead our delegation to the Women Deliver Global Conference.  She is interested in global health and development, youth participation in policy-making and the interface between business and health.  She loves travelling, cooking and consuming delicious food, reading and writing and learning from other people. 


KATE MCDONALD | @katiealliemc

Kate is a second year student at Victoria University, studying International Relations and English Literature. She's slightly obsessed with Shakespeare's history plays, musical theatre, and spends far too much money on food. She also has trouble staying in one city for very long, and plans to spend a few years after university travelling around the world and seeing what she can find.

JOY WALPOLE | @therealj0y

Joy is 22 years old and in her last year of a Law and Arts degree majoring in English and Anthropology. She works part time at a small employment law firm and has a passion for feminist and critical race theorist perspectives of law and as a critique of institutions. She also has an interest in criminal and family law. Joy is NZ Samoan and enjoys reading, singing a bit of jazz, going to watch musicals and shows and collecting books from op shops.  She has two cats, but likes dogs as well!

SASHA RASMUSSEN | @sasharasusse11

Sasha is a young historian, currently in the final stages of her Master of Arts. Her research focuses on the visibility of women’s bodies and sexualities in the public arena, through a consideration of the changing views of ballet in Paris 1909-1913. Upon completing her thesis, she will be relocating to St Petersburg, Russia, to improve her fluency, and to explore the history of the city and its archives. Outside academia, she has a passionate interest in initiatives which promote healthy and positive attitudes towards sexuality, and is also active in the classical music scene as an amateur bassoonist.

SAM BAKER@its2am_sam

Sam has just finished five years at the University of Waikato, where she completed two undergraduate degrees and a Masters. Her university research involved exploring the tensions between media communication and the effect it has on low socio-economic communities; it was a humbling experience that she will never forget. Sam is passionate about learning and believes it is something that changes lives. She is friendly, ambitious and easy going. She loves the idea of traveling the world and wants to have a life and job that empowers others to achieve to their best ability.


Ihlara is a student, a feminist, a musician, a debater, an adventurer, a fun lover, a fiddler, a klutz, and an unapologetic nerd. Who knows where she's going to head in her life, but her number one goal is to spend her time doing things she's passionate about, while contributing to her community. For Ihlara, feminism is one part of a large goal towards overcoming domination - moving towards a better future for all people. She is excited to attend Women Deliver 2016 to learn more about such issues, and spread my learning to the youth around her in her own community.


Shivani is an advisor for a not-for-profit membership organisation that looks to provide essential advice to local authorities for the benefit of our communities. She has experience working at an international level, as an intern at the European Parliament. Shivani is multilingual in Gujarati, English, and Spanish (with moderate level German and French) with a passion for community development. She has a Masters of Arts in European Studies with Distinction, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in European Languages and Cultures and Spanish from the University of Canterbury.


Rez is currently a litigation law clerk at a corporate law firm – Chapman Tripp and is in the process of becoming New Zealand’s first Kurdish female lawyer. Born in a United Nations refugee camp in Pakistan, Rez and her family resettled in New Zealand when she was six. She is passionate about the Kurdish movement for independence, gender equality and refugee resettlement. Rez is an intrepid traveller and has lived in or travelled to all continents except Antarctica! When she’s not traveling, you will find her watching NBA, playing netball or most likely eating.

CASEY BROWN | @caseymbr

Casey lives down in Dunedin, and is currently finishing off her final year in high school while also beginning to study at Otago Uni in the field of Sociology. Her most defining characteristic is her passion for global affairs. Continually fascinated by international relations and our developing world, she aspires to immerse herself in this sector, and enact mass change within our society. She sees attending the Women Deliver conference an amazing opportunity to begin personally creating and inspiring such change. 




Stella is a second year university student studying Development and International Relations at Victoria University. She is deeply passionate about understanding and offsetting poverty and within this, ensuring that people are not limited by their gender. Stella is also eager to see how the Sustainable Development Goals are going to positively influence development practice over the coming years. She volunteered in Tanzania as a secondary school teacher, at UNICEF NZ in Youth Engagement, and later this year will teach in Mexico for a micro financing NGO focused on women. Stella is incredibly excited to be attending the Women Deliver Conference, and looks forward to learning from experts in the field.