Saskia McCulloch: Straight to the point - One

So in the outrageously busy schedules that a delegate of COP19 has the days turn into a blur. However, a short and snappy quote, tends to jog the memory and get straight to the point. Each day (hopefully) i'll gather the best of them. Contextualize them the best I can. =)

"At the end of the day they just got away with it"

Contextualizing : Some states such as Japan, Australia and Canada have regressed in their obligations/ambitions for their pledges for emission reduction with little or no repercussions. 

"Every voting system involves trade-offs"

Contextualizing: the type of regulations you have for voting changes the outcome. For example, majority voting systems are more likely to build consensus than a voting system that requires consensus. 

"We are as concerned with equity of outcome, as we are with equity in history"

Contextualizing: states are wanting to look forward and back. Back using concepts such as "Historical Responsibility", and forward with concepts such as "Intergenerational Equity". 

"Climate Change negotiations are fabulously complicated"

Contextualizing: this really speaks for itself. But, given the need for consensus, the varying reports on science and economics, the urgency of the matter, plus the national interests it is very hard to reach the first - consensus. 

"The world doesn't free at 2020"

Contextualizing: This agreement they are negotiating now is meant to come into effect into 2020. Many people are looking at this date, and 2015 as markers for change. However, this speaker looked at the issue more holistically and was a strong supporter for the concept of Intergenerational Equity.

"The potential is there"

Contextualizing: science tells us that there is a "gap" between the required reduction in emissions to limit global warming by 2 degrees, and the emission reduction targets that states have announced. "The Gap" is a little worrying, however, a report has found multiple ways that this gap can be reduced... 

"Some ministers could be champions"

Contextualizing: negotiations like COP give the opportunity for epic failures, but for epic success as well. 


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Posted on November 13, 2013 and filed under UN Climate Talks 2013.