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Meeting the Alumni

This year, it's been a huge privilege to not only be leading a delegation of nine incredible young folks, but to also be meeting up with five of the Institute's alumni who're here in Morocco.

So, here are five case studies in how the Institute can be a trajectory-changing, life-affirming experience - and how young Kiwis can do really, really epic stuff.

Melissa Harward: Week One Roundup- How much can one read into comma position?

Week one of the conference lead us to think the COP of action was more a COP of congratulating the year’s work. While entering the Paris Agreement into force is important, the work necessary to get the ball rolling will take a long time, considering all aspects of the agreement are consensus based. Key aspects of the treaty include, among other issues, agreeing on how markets will contribute to action on climate change, as well as how much and through which funds will developed nations help the developing.

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Melissa Harward: COP22- Highs and Lows of Days 1, 2 and 3

The first day of COP included only one shock event- Turkey’s request for more money. The G77 (a conglomerate of developing nations) have long been requesting more money for adaptation, mitigation and capacity building. The technicalities of Annex one and two countries (criteria setting developing countries into least and more developed) mean that funding is allocated differently.

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