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Sasha Rasmussen: Reframing Femininity: What the French Revolution can tell us about the work for Gender Equality (#hireahistorian)

To offer a harsh metaphor, putting individual women in high-powered positions is to gender equality what trickle-down economics is to poverty: real change needs to address the system as a whole, to change the foundations and assumptions on which our institutions are built.

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Ihlara McIndoe: Save the Humanities

Creativity is what keeps the world we live in today going. It’s what leads to constructive critique. It’s what leads to solutions. It’s what leads to bettering the living standards of people world wide. It is extremely important to have creative young minds leading society, and integral to enabling this is the access to a wide variety of education areas. Creativity comes from a variety of sources and influences. It comes from medicine, it comes from science, it comes from law, and performing arts, and humanities and sports. We do not live in a tunnel visioned world, where technological evolution is the one stop answer to solving global issues. It is the interconnectedness of a wide variety of educational areas that is essential for the flourishing of society. 

The humanities today are more important than ever.

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Ihlara McIndoe: Confidence in Menstruation - A Marathon of an Effort.

Menstruation is not a new, outrageous, unheard of concept - women have been doing it since...well...forever. But a stigma around menstruation and the discussion of it still exists, and has extremely negative impacts on women and girls worldwide. It is vital for the feminist cause that society loses the stigma surrounding menstruation, as it creates shame about femininity. We need to be able to talk about menstruation without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. We need to identify access to menstrual products as a basic human right for all girls and women. And we need to be proud of the bleedin’ cool things women’s bodies can do.

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Suzy McKinney: Growing up Helen

The message that, “girls can do anything” was certainly a very enduring and persuasive component of my childhood – but I think all the more powerful reality was that I actually got to see a woman really doing it. It wasn’t just a message, it was a reality that I could see depicted in the newspaper each day. It wore red blazers.

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