Saskia McCulloch: Straight to the Point - Four

"No decisions about us, without us”

Contextualizing: National Gender day - the agreement about Climate Change is about women, more than men. The decisions should be made in conjunction with females. 

"The dream has to be that gender equality is the way the world works”

Contextualizing: Helen Clark's remarks in the Gender Momentum Side event was simply this. The dream, the goal, is to have no gender based oppression. 

“Its not a good time to be from down under in respect to climate change”

Contextualizing: Australia, and to a lesser extend New Zealand, have been grilled for their environmental policies. Australia, every day almost has received a "Fossil of the Day" that criticizes the Abbott government for reversing ever aspect of their Climate Change promises. 

“We cant even call it a fund at the moment, its got no money into it”

Contextualizing: The Climate Fund is meant to have USD $1 Billion in it to address issue of climate change.  Currently, Korea is looking after the 'fund' however it is not yet ready. The USD $1 Billion is largely acknowledged as not enough, nor a target that will be reached. 

“I think that part of the problem, that you're not seeing that huge groundswell from the grass roots movement” + “Its not seizing hearts and minds at home”

Contextualizing: Many delegates already have a limited mandate in which they can negotiate with when at COP. It is the lack of support at the national level, the lack of people power to force the government to be ambitious, that is a large issue within negotiations. 

“New Zealand wants something badly at the end of next year, thats the security council”

Contextualizing: New Zealand wants to be a world leader on the UNSC, however, it is not taking a world leading position now. 

"Money does buy love in the negotiations”

Contextualizing: Every State has other issues and priorities to balance with climate change. Geo-politics as well as relationships that involve aid or trade influence the ability of some states to negotiate from certain perspectives. 


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Posted on November 21, 2013 and filed under UN Climate Talks 2013.