Yong Ly: Room for speculation

After only one day of ADP, the co-chairs of the Bonn session decided that observers would no longer be allowed into the majority of the negotiations taking place in Spin Off Groups (SOGs). Although this stance was challenged by the developing country blocks, Japan raised an objection and twitter tag #ADP2 started going crazy. 


Hopes for progress on any front failed to deliver as observer status was not changed and the main take away from the morning stock take for day 3 was that the pace of negotiations were going too slow and that negotiators did not have enough time to delve deeply into topics. Seeing as we are coming up to the 21st Conference of Parties soon, I wonder how much more time they really need?

I have no problems if the absence of observers in the negotiating sessions actually meant there was progress but this is obviously not the case. Why are they stalling? Are they taking this seriously? Who is holding up the negotiations? Will we get a fair and ambitious text leading into Paris. Left in the dark, we can only sit around the cafeteria eating muffins and speculate. 

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Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under UN Climate Talks 2015, UN Climate Talks 2014.