Libby Rahman: Pre-trip musings...

What have I signed up for? That’s what I have been asking myself since I found out that I was one of eight amazing AYLI delegates heading to the Annual Meetings of the World Bank & IMF in Washington D.C.! I still have no clue about exactly I have signed up for. However, I do know that I will learn a lot and meet lots of interesting people from around the world along the way. There is one thing I am certain of, this will be an awesome experience!

Having studied Economics and Development Studies at University, this opportunity feels like a dream come true. The funny thing is, I almost missed it. I was lucky enough to see an AYLI advert pop up on my Facebook wall T-4 hours before the deadline (FB finally got post ordering right). So, I hurriedly wrote the best application I could.

The following week, I got busy preparing for and starting a new job. The application I had made was way at the back of my mind when I got a call from Rachel at AYLI, telling me that I was heading to Washington. The last 5 weeks have been super-busy, preparing for a trip of a lifetime. It’s gone by super-quickly and it’s already departure day.

It has been one and a half years since I left my NGO job working in the international development sector for postgrad studies in Business Analytics and corporate roles. I am hoping that I will get better clarity during my time in Washington, about how to combine all these seemingly disparate things I have studied in my future roles to make a difference to something greater than just a company’s bottom line.

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Posted on October 1, 2017 and filed under World Bank / IMF 2017.