Lizzy Simpson: Live from Washington

Like Libby, I also saw the application for the AYLI World Bank and IMF meetings a day before the deadline. I had already set off on my travels en route to DC for my university exchange. But eager to make the most of my time in the United States and form as many connections as possible, I started on my application in a busy, noisy dorm room in Montréal. Thankfully my application got accepted, so I didn’t need to feel at all regretful about missing out on a day of exploring Canada.

I am so incredibly thankful and excited to be given this opportunity. Throughout my studies, the criticisms of the World Bank and IMF have come thick and fast. Evidently, most Development Studies students and scholars are doubtful of the positive impact the Bank and Fund can have on solving global inequality and poverty. Nonetheless, I go into these meetings with an open mind. I am excited to learn first-hand about these incredibly influential institutions and their current work within the international development space. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention how excited I am to be meeting up with my fellow delegates tomorrow and finally hearing a Kiwi accent again!  

As someone who is hoping to stay on in DC after my studies, I think this experience offers a lot of opportunities as I look to enter the working world. My time in Washington has already been incredible. I have no doubt that these meetings will take my DC experience to new heights. 

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Posted on October 2, 2017 and filed under World Bank / IMF 2017.