Francis Hwang: Reflections

When buckled to a chair and forced to sit for 17 hours (Auckland to Doha), it’s easy to let your mind float and daydream, but it also provides time to reflect on why I am here today, embarking on a trip halfway around the world.

Upon reflection, there are things that are definitely clear to me. I’m Korean-Kiwi, engineer by education, business consultant by profession and I will have sadly used all my annual leave at the end of this trip.

However, there are also things that are unclear – questions yet to be answered. What impact do I want to make in this fast-paced world? What really drives me to push forward? How many baguettes will I eat in Paris?

For me, these questions ultimately amount to - what next?

It is one of those clichéd questions, but it is one that’s been burning in my heart recently.

I have always had an urge to be part of something big, to be part of a positive change on a global scale. Maybe it is because of my immigrant upbringing, and from times where I have experienced and seen first-hand the inequalities many people face. But I’m not sure how or even what kind of change I want to bring.

I have also always had my eggs in many baskets, being involved in clubs and activities spanning many fields. Because of this, I have been fortunate enough learn a lot and meet amazing people. But I haven’t been able to find something I am truly passionate about.

Maybe this is why I was driven to go on this trip. To be part of something bigger, something that aims to solve the biggest issues that our world is facing today. I am truly excited to be amongst the global leaders and icons and take part in the discussions on what positive change we can bring to this world.

From this, and from travelling with five other amazing Kiwis (and with some fine wine, cheese, baguettes and escargot), I will hopefully be able to answer those unanswered questions and figure out the ‘what next?’ for me so I can contribute to the ‘what next?’ for our world.

Thought I’d end the post with a few snaps from our trip so far.



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Posted on May 30, 2017 and filed under OECD Forum 2017.