Daniel Davis: Avenues in Life

I think sometimes we forget that to get the most out of life you have to let other things go. There are many opportunities that only occur when you take time for yourself, that you come across when you’re taking your time. Of course there are many chances that you have to take by the horns and not let go, but also you have to judge those times, and make sure that you’re doing the right thing for yourself.

I would never have been on this trip if I had been pushing myself to everything. There were many great life-choices that I made this year, and it is likely that they will all have a lasting effect on my life. For the first, I took a back-seat in Ultimate (frisbee) after returning from Worlds, and decided that I wasn’t going to train hard or push myself to play fully, even though I was losing the opportunity to go to Australia for the Under 24s, and to win Nationals, and maybe go to the US for World Clubs. The second was another sporting event, I had originally been trialling for the Under 21s for Canoe Polo for the Oceanias competition, but decided that I couldn’t due to a couple of different factors.

But while I’m sitting here at half-to-midnight in New York City, I can barely acknowledge the choices that my life has taken to get me here. This past 5 months have been tumultuous, though I believe I made the right decision in passing on my other opportunities and allowing myself the time to recharge, and also getting to come on this amazing adventure. I know that if I had taken either of the other two, I would not be here today, I would not be listening to the annoyed taxi drivers or the sad wails of the ambulance’s sirens, and I would not be prepping myself for the first day at a United Nations event. Like holy shit, this is awesome.

So it’s really looking back and thinking on the choices you have made, or perhaps the mistakes that you should learn from, that have got you to where you are today. I am so glad that I have made some really hard decisions in the past, because when I reflect upon who I am now, I am much more happy than what I can see me being like down the other avenues of life.


Yay? Another one already?? The stress must be getting to me...
P.S. These blogs are just mindstreams now, the editing doesn't even make it to a spell-check.
P.P.S. My life advice is not always very good (or so I've been told), so use these words with your own discretion and please don't blame me!
P.P.P.S. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore :)

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Posted on June 5, 2017 and filed under UN Ocean Conference 2017.