Emily Joy Frost: Sometimes, the tortoise does not always win the race….

I am writing this after attending the plenary session on SDG 14 in the main hall. While listening to the heads of state talk, pretty much patting themselves on the back for things they have already done, I am thinking to myself “what happened to the future?”

There has been very little mention to form very essential partnerships, frameworks, legitimate initiatives for capacity building or knowledge sharing.

The most rewarding and inspiring discussions are not from the heads of state, and not governments, but other organisations and groups which are intricately linked to the ocean, those who have a genuine connection to ‘her’. For too long have the governments been too absent in the climate discussions. They have been slow to act, slow to spark discussion and are losing the race.

To this end, the rabbit in this race is by far the NGO, civil and science associated groups who are the grassroots of the necessary change to meet SDG 14 and to push the rest of the world forward. Never have I met such a genuinely passionate group of people, these individuals are the feet which implementation will walk, and I look forward to seeing them run forward with action for the future sustainable ocean, to which, I offer my own feet to help you drive past the slow tortoise of government, towards the finish line of a more sustainable future and a future where ‘she’ can flourish once more.

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Posted on June 7, 2017 and filed under UN Ocean Conference 2017.