Caitlin Meynell: Bring on the challenges!

AYLI has partnered with Outward Bound to offer scholarships for two amazing young Kiwis to their Mind Body Soul course! This year, Caitlin Meynell (Johnsonville) and Devin Newth (Papatoetoe) will learn more about themselves and grow their leadership skills as they push themselves physically and mentally - with sailing, tramping, rock climbing, and kayaking challenges.

Today Caitlin and Devin set off!  Here's what Caitlin hopes to get out of her course - you can read Devin's thoughts here.


I cannot wait to go to Outward Bound! I’m so excited to make new friends, really challenge myself and find a new mindset. I think this will be a great refresher to get me through my last year of high school and maybe even help me find something I want to do with my future.

Why am I excited to go to Outward Bound?

I have always loved exploring the outdoors, ever since I was a little kid. I especially enjoy exploring new places through tramping and recently on a school trip, sailing! I hope to find some new ways to explore as well as give back to the environment.

What will I find most challenging?

For me, one of the biggest challenges on the course will probably be heights – I have always struggled with this. I’ve never actually gone through with abseiling or done much more than the easy rock climbing wall, but I think with a supportive group of people and an open mind, I will finally be ready to conquer this fear once and for all.

What do I want to get out of the course?

I’m currently in Year 12 at Onslow College, and to be honest I have found this school year really draining, I hope that the Outward Bound course will help refresh me and leave me ready to do my absolute best during exams. I also hope this course will bring me a new set of skills, experiences and life-long memories.

How will I be better equipped to create positive change in my community?

I volunteer in a Girl Guiding brownie unit with 7-9 year olds and I love teaching others how to enjoy the outdoors. I am keen to bring this back to my unit and teach them some new skills.  Through this position I am also involved in training young leaders, I hope to improve my own leadership skills and learn a lot about teaching new leaders how to be amazing.

Through Girl Guiding, I have learnt a lot about empowering girls and the possibilities we have. I love to encourage my friends and brownies to explore their limits. I believe this course will help me to empower those around me to take as many opportunities as possible.

I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity and I just can’t wait for Outward Bound to begin.

Bring on the challenges!

Posted on September 25, 2017 and filed under Outward Bound.