Tasha Hohaia: Me, maccas and my flight

"Can Kim-Sara Hohaia please report to the counter downstairs?" loud and clear as I'm in line at McDonald's Airport. Loudspeaker. At the airport. What have I done? What's in my bag? The suitcase I borrowed from my cousin. Omg. Did it explode? Have I got traces of illegal substances in there? Is it a phone charger? Or worse? Well. Better to have a coffee first anyway. So I did.

I then walked downstairs eating my cheeseburger and fries, sculling my caramel flat white. (These are a few of my favourite things). I walked quickly past a mum managing multiple children and tasks. Funky Couples with accents walking fast. There was a young student leaning his head against the wall with headphones. I heard lots of beeping. Lots of noises. But I could hear my own thoughts loudly.

I was thinking of my family while I'm gone, my work colleagues and my workload while I'm away, my car (that's in the workshop co$ting my life), and our house that we need to move to next week. I'd just confirmed our Family's new rental, tran$ferred bond & passed on all the info to my sisters and cousin. My cousins and I had packed up our house this morning and over the weekend. Lots of packing. Lots of cleaning. Lots on my mind. "You left your passport here" the travel agent said to me. He had looked upstairs for me since I didn't respond immediately to the announcement (I was waiting for my McDonald's). So helpful. He even went upstairs looking for me by check-in. I wouldn't have gone anywhere without my passport. I thanked him, bumped into some friends on the way and headed to customs.


I'm here on my plane. I'm sitting with exceptional women as we head to Sydney, San Francisco and then the New York United Nations Headquarters for CSW62. I know why I'm here. To meet people, to listen, to advocate, to learn. But also to hold NZ accountable to being true to our values, to who we are. In NZ Maori culture, women have always been held as tapu, special and worthy of being protected and respected. In NZ today the Suffrage125 launch begins, reminding us that NZ women got the right to vote in 1893. We are game-changers for the globe to learn from too. Well. I've got my passport. Getting me to where I need to go on flights. But I've also got my passport to life. I know who I am. I know why I'm here. Ready to fly...and eat some maccas while I'm at it x


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Posted on March 7, 2018 and filed under CSW62 2018.