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Sedef Duder-Özyurt: COP24 Shakedown

Since returning I’ve been subliminally categorising my life as “life before COP” and “life after COP”. I do this because so much shifted, transformed and solidified for me while I was in Bonn and has continued to do so ever since - a journey that has been disheartening yet inspiring and generally intense.

Meeting the Alumni

This year, it's been a huge privilege to not only be leading a delegation of nine incredible young folks, but to also be meeting up with five of the Institute's alumni who're here in Morocco.

So, here are five case studies in how the Institute can be a trajectory-changing, life-affirming experience - and how young Kiwis can do really, really epic stuff.

Applications open for our first 2016 delegations: Copenhagen, Nairobi and Paris

The moment we know you've all been waiting for - we're excited to announce that applications are now open for not one, not two - but three international delegations in the first half of 2016.

Get your applications for CopenhagenNairobi and Paris in by midnight on Friday 8 April!

Florence Reynolds: Changeons le systeme?

I write this from my inner city Parisian hostel, nose still stinging from tear gas, sirens drowning out the background traffic noise.

This morning, I set out to observe and document the civil society demonstrations that were planned to take place despite the French Government's ban on protests of "two or more people with a political message".

Hamish Laing: AYLI @ COY11

It’s the final day here at the Conference of Youth (COY), actions are being planned, policy being written, connections continuing to be made and everyone is eager in anticipation of COP kicking off on Monday. The AYLI delegation have been at COY since Thursday immersing ourselves in the world of youth climate activism. 

Posted on November 28, 2015 and filed under UN Climate Talks 2015.