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Dewy Sacayan: Yuriage four years after the Great East Japan Tsunami

On the 11th of March 2011, a magnitude nine earthquake hit Japan. Many prefectures around the North and East were badly affected. Japan was shaken physically, economically and emotionally. 

However, the disaster didn’t stop there. 30 minutes after the earthquake, a tsunami happened. Eight big waves with a height of 8.5 metres crashed into East Japan. Approximately, 11,280 people died or were missing.

Four years after, I visited the town of Yuriage – a coastal town heavily devastated by the tsunami.

Claire Pettigrew : Considering Animals in Disaster Risk Reduction

Prior to attending the UN Small Island Developing States conference in Samoa, I had not put much thought into what happens to animals in disasters. Like many of us in New Zealand, I keep cat food in my emergency survival kit, but had never considered the effects of disasters on animals other than the family pet. However, in vulnerable communities disasters can cause widespread loss of animals, which then devastates the communities and their livelihoods.

Claire Pettigrew: From childhood games to SIDS 2014

My interest in disaster management stems from a board game we had when I was a child. The Red Cross Survival Kit game saw players collecting survival kit items as they went around the board; a torch, radio, batteries, tinned food and so on. My sister and I played this game over and over with various family members and babysitters. The Survival Kit game sparked a passion for disaster preparedness that has continued until today.

Natalie Jones: NGOs and disaster relief

Today is the first day of COY! Such an inspiring day so far, meeting lots of awesome people from around the world. Everyone here has an interesting story to tell. The first workshop I attended was about climate-related disasters, run by Taiwanese youth. Lisa's going to write more about it (and I broadly agree with what she says), but I want to share one other aspect of the workshop.