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Katharine Woolrych: Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals

Attending New Zealand’s third Universal Periodic Review of human rights at the United Nations in Geneva, one recurrent theme of our delegation’s meetings with UN agencies was the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite the absence of SDGs in UPR recommendations so far, the natural convergence between the development and human rights agenda means combining the two can make them each doubly powerful.  Given this under-utilised relationship, I will argue the need for the SDGs to be at the forefront of recommendations made during the current third cycle of the UPR.

Katharine Woolrych: Three Surprising Recommendations for Improving Human Rights in New Zealand: What We Didn’t Expect at New Zealand’s UPR

At New Zealand’s five-yearly human rights review at the United Nations on Monday, we received more than 200 recommendations from UN member states. Here are three of the more unexpected, plus some insight into what our government had to say on the status of human rights in New Zealand.