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Institute Volunteer Henrietta McNeill Appointed as Policy Advisor to Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters

We are excited to share that our International Programme volunteer Henrietta McNeill has been appointed as a policy advisor to the Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters.

Henrietta plays a significant role in running our Programme, and also led our delegation to the Small Island Developing States Conference in Apia in 2014.

Henrietta McNeill: Passion and Success

I had a friend the other day ask me: “How do I find my niche to make the world a better place?”. While this is somewhat of an existential question, it got me thinking to how to I got where I am, and I found the simple answer - I do what I love.

Katherine Yip: Why I joined the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute

Opportunity.  That was the theme for my first year of involvement with the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute.  I always knew that working in a new youth-led organisation would give me the opportunity to gain a variety of experience that a student or young professional would not be able to gain at university or an established company. But I had greatly underestimated just how many different opportunities would AYLI would present not only to me, but to other youth.