Yong Ly: Come to Germany. Come to the ADP!

Source: UNFCCC

Source: UNFCCC

If you are interested in climate change, international law, politics and policy - or just wonder how big decisions that affect all of us get made, then going to the ADP's session 2.11 in Bonn is an opportunity you'll want to take up. 

The UN climate negotiations are an amazing learning opportunity, whether you want to get a deeper understanding of the global climate change landscape or you just want to experience negotiations and decision making at the international level.

We all know how hard it is to make decisions, as individuals and even in small groups - but imagine trying to come to a resolution when there are nearly 200 nations represented and billions of lives impacted by the decisions that get made. This is what you will see in Germany.

You will get to be right there in the thick of it as negotiators work to set the stage for Paris at the end of this year.

The COP experience can be overwhelming and if this intersessional is anything like it, you'll find that there's so much going on it can be hard to keep track and decide on what you want to focus on and get involved in. But, before you know it, you'll be throwing out acronyms and UN speak as you interact and work with all the amazing people that attend these conferences.

You will meet amazing people from all around the world, from first-timers at a UN conference to veterans who've been around for a while. You'll meet people who will inspire you, and those who will share experiences and stories that might just change the way you see things. You won't only be learning from other people but you'll also get a chance to contribute, and to work with youth from around the world in actions and interventions .

Source: youleadcollective.org

Source: youleadcollective.org

Many people who have been to the climate negotiations often say it's an emotional roller coaster.  This will be no different. As the last session before Paris, there is bound to be lots of action and emotion as parties strive to build momentum towards a good result. There will be times of stress, frustration and even anger, but these lows will certainly be balanced out by the people you'll meet, the things you learn and the sense of being part of a wider community that is working together towards a common purpose.

Have you ever wondered how big decisions are made, what part New Zealand plays, and what part you can play? Why not join me at ADP 2.11 and find out!  Apply here now.



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