Niamh Franklin: Adventure, growth, opportunity!

Outward Bound.

What a befitting name for a young, ambitious female, beginning to take the first steps on her journey of adulthood.

I first heard of Outward bound through a past participants’ experience. The acquaintance of mine who was fortunate enough to experience Outward Bound first-hand praised her experience as 'Life-Changing'. Since then, last year, I have achingly wished for such an opportunity to befall me! Speaking with her, it is clear that Outward Bound provides a challenging yet highly rewarding experience (through which I, too, seek to challenge and develop myself).

Although the programme outline is secretive, I’m well-aware of the physical challenges. Though I enjoy recreational activities, and regularly walk bush-trails with my mother, 21 days of daily exertion will be the most challenging part.

Overall, this is a small price to pay. Outward Bound would enable me to further my connection with nature, and heighten my sense of adventurism (and ability to risk-take!). From Outward Bound’s reputation and course-outlines, I can clearly see that such an opportunity would be a significant and impactful experience.

Adventure, growth, opportunity!

To me, this event marks my ascent; from a schoolgirl working hard to make a contribution, to a member of the community with means, skills, and ability to influence others and create a lasting affect.

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Posted on September 17, 2018 and filed under Outward Bound.