Sophie Svenson: Immersing myself in the moment

As I sit here counting down the days until the big day of departure, I am both eager and excited for all the new people and challenges ahead of me. However, I also sit here full of fear for the unknown that I will be soon to face.

Stunning scenery, new friends, nature, and a challenge; how could you not be excited! I can’t wait to go to Outward Bound, firstly to take a break from the addiction we all know as social media/technology, and immerse myself in the moment, with new friends and the beautiful environment that surrounds us whilst learning skills I can transfer to my life. Secondly I am extremely excited to broaden my horizons from the North Island and see a part of the South island that I have never ventured to before. Finally I want to really make the most of the extraordinary country that we live in. I believe that far too many New Zealanders live their day to day lives without taking advantage of the beautiful land that’s on our back doorstep, which thousands and thousands of people travel across the globe and pay thousands to see.

As I said, I sit here full of fear for the unknown, which is exactly what the three day solo experience is full of. I am a people person, and being at boarding school I don’t think there is any day when I am not with someone up until the moment I go to bed and the moment I wake up. Therefore three days lonesome will be an immense challenge for myself, I’m certainly starting to think of the different exercises I’m going to have to do, the exploring and the songs I’m going to have to sing myself! However I believe in the importance of overcoming fears and challenges and although I am full of fear of all the creepy crawlies that might come at me during the night, I can’t wait to have this time to reflect on my time at outward bound, my life, and my future.

As I come closer to the big move to the world outside of high school I want to gain as many skills as I can from an Outward Bound experience that will help me succeed and lead in the future. I hope to come away with a positive mindset when it comes to new challenges, by gaining a better understanding of how to hold a calm attitude when under pressure. I believe that along with gaining confidence in myself and my abilities, Outward bound will help prepare me for my future, which with these developed skills I will transfer into creating positive social and environmental change in my community. I hope to apply these developed skills to being a strong influence for change where it is needed, I want to increase the time I donate to good causes and influence others to do so too.

I can’t wait to bust down these fears within me and thrive in such a beautiful environment!

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Posted on September 21, 2018 and filed under Outward Bound.