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Nicolasa Fuller: IMF, I Mean Fashion

A few photos of some of the ‘looks’ at the IMF/ World Bank Annual Meetings 2018

On the international banking scene, I expected a lot of bankers in grey and black suits. And while there was plenty of monochrome, I was really surprised at the colour and diversity of the meetings.

Here are a few of the people I got chatting to - check out the fashion!

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Nicolasa Fuller: Bali in a day

To finish the day we cooled off in a waterfall and then sang songs on the way home in the car. Budi live streamed this to his followers… they are likely disappointed by New Zealand’s musical talents!

Hopefully we put on a more sophisticated performance tomorrow as we register for the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings 2018.

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Jordan Zheng: T-1, Thoughts Before the 2018 WB/IMF Annual Meetings

Over these two weeks I hope to learn more about my team members and why they are passionate about the different projects they have decided to research. It’ll be really exciting to hang out with a bunch of Kiwis again, something I don’t have much opportunity to do since I moved to Australia for university. Hopefully, I will draw some inspiration from being among a bunch of individuals who are super passionate about important global issues.

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Connor MacLeod: The World is on the Cusp

The amount of essays that I have started with the phrase “The world is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution” is insane. Its my go to. From Information Systems (where it might actually be applicable) to Art History (where I shove in a theme into my photography essay that doesn’t really fit). I can’t believe that I can write it with absolute truth now because I am off to the 2018 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings in Bali.

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Applications open for our IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings delegation

We're excited to let you know that applications for our second ever delegation to the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings are now open!

We'll be choosing a small group of young Kiwis to head to the conference, which will be taking place in Bali, Indonesia this year. 

Get your application in by midnight, Friday 31 August.